Speciality Treatments

Our fee guide is here to give you a good idea of the cost of individual treatment items however a full estimate will be given on all work prior to the work being carried out as prices may vary depending on complexity and time required.



Consultation including intraoral x-ray


Primary RCT:

    • incisors from
    • premolars from
    • molars from


    • incisors from
    • premolars from
    • molars from

Oral Surgery


Assessment £50
Wisdom tooth removal £250
Enucleation pf cysts - priced on complexity & time required                                      £TBA
Apicectomy - from £400
Extraction of difficult teeth - from


Extraction of retained roots - from


Removal of superficial salivary gland duct stones


Implant Treatments




Implant placement - from


Crown & abutment - from

Single fully restored implant including abutment & crown - from £2000
2 implants with 3 unit bridge - from £4500
Implant retained (denture full denture on 4 implants) - from £6000

Bone grafting (depending on site, size and complexity) - from

Sinus lift (to one side) - from £690

Periodontal treatments

Consultation £110
Non surgical periodontal therapy including reassessment £900
Non surgical periodontal therapy with local antibiotics £100
Non surgical peri-implant therapy - from £700
Access/resective surgery - from £400
Regenerative surgery - from £450
Crown lengthening per tooth - from £250
Mucogingival surgery - from £300


    • Panoral
    • 3D small
    • 3D full jaw
    • 3D both jaws

Our Referral guarantee

A clinician accepting a patient on referral will only undertake treatment they feel to be appropriate and that which lies within their competency.


If the accepting clinician feels that alternative or additional treatment is required, this will be discussed with both the referring clinician and the patient and consent obtained for an amended treatment plan and any costs involved.


Unless otherwise agreed with the referring clinician the accepting clinician will only carry out treatment in the capacity for which the patient has been referred to him/her.